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Hi and thanks for visiting my site.

I am originally from Tampa, FL but currently living in Massachusetts. I recently moved here from Chattanooga, TN where I went to college for the second time in 2002. I have an Associate of Arts degree in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Religion. I also came close to a minor in English but decided that I was ready to graduate. Before all that, I went to a vocational-technical high school where I earned a certificate in Commercial Art as well as a diploma. 

I have been "doing Art" since I was a kid. It was in fifth grade though, that I decided I would be an artist. I was fortunate to go to a high school where I could focus on developing my skills. I went on to college for art as well but after I graduated I realized that Art wasn't where the money was so I worked for a little while and then tried the college thing again. I have always done Art as a hobby if nothing else and also realized that is makes great personalized gifts. No matter what job I do to pay the bills, Art will always a part of my life and I enjoy sharing it with others. 

I also enjoy the ocean. I am inspired by the beauty and vastness of it and love to be near it whenever possible. That has played a huge part in influencing my choice of subject matter for photography as well as drawing. I particularly like to photograph sunsets at the beach and draw sea creatures. I have expanded my subject matter for drawing to include still-life, other animals and most recently, tattoo designs. I like to capture the beauty of nature through photographs as well as creative and "artsy" compositions. I typically draw black & white with charcoal and various pencils. I also dabble in color with color pencils.

I also like to express myself creatively with poetry, short prose, and micro fiction. I have always enjoyed the therapeutic feel of pouring out a stream of thought and watching it take on it's own life and form itself into art. 

Thank you for reading and learning a little more about me. Please browse the links on my home page and leave me comments if you feel so inclined. Take a moment to share with your friends as well. 

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
- Thomas Merton

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